Microinteractions in Chatbots


Microinteractions are the small touchpoints in a user interface, such as the Facebook "Like" button or the Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" search interaction. They are tiny moments of communication between a user and an interface, but they can leave a strong impression of the function and tone of the overall user experiennce. My project explores how to redesign these microinteractions in the context of chatbot applications.

My goal is to explore how we can communicate with modern text-based applications. Microinteractions in Chatbots consists of a series of animations simulating chatbot interactions that explores the ways people can communicate with text-based applications. Chatbots can be designed with different tasks, contexts, and personalities, but the mode of communication has been similar: sending back-and-forth text messages. This project investigates how different user interface design elements can be used to reflect a chatbot’s context and personality.


The Chatbots

The two following animations are examples of how we can utilize different interface patterns to talk with chatbots. Each one is followed by a poll for the audience to give feedback and vote on what characteristics best describe each chatbot personality.


What characteristics would best describe this chatbot?


What characteristics would best describe this chatbot?

Thank you for viewing and voting on microinteractions in chatbots. If you'd like to view the final results in the poll. feel free to email renoj@uconn.edu

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