Renoj – Product Designer with a technical mind and creative heart

Building purposeful tools and systems through typography, form, color, and animation

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GovContact: Civic Engagement Mobile App Design

Reframe how we engage in politics to encourage communication with our government representatives

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Subconscious: Mental Health Storytelling Website Redesign

Investigating how we could engage in storytelling in a mental health community.

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JobHunting: Animated Film

A satirical animation about the job search process. Accepted in the Metropolitan Computer Animation Festival (2019).

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City of Boston

As a design fellow, I designed and tested products to establish sustainable transportation strategies with land developers. This included a digital form that land developers could submit which strategies they would follow and factsheets that outlined each strategy.

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As a Product Design Intern, I joined Glassdoor's B2B team to help employers gain data-driven insights, manage their profile, and tell their brand story.

Projects under NDA. Please reach out to learn more